How to become the best Kalimba player

How to become the best Kalimba

Before knowing how to become the best, it is better to find why you want to become the best

With a lot of Kalimba players out there, how can you breakthrough and as the best player?

The fact is the only limits that are blocking your from becoming the best Kalimba player are only existing on your mind, in other words, if you are not the best Kalimba player that because of you. This post is about unlocking the limits and become the best Kalimba player.

When I’m talking about becoming the best Kalimba player, I refer to it from two perspectives.  The first one is to become the best compared to your previous version and the second perspective is to become the best compared to the best players.

NB: This post is not suitable for beginners it is for those who know ABC about Kalimba for a beginner you may read How to learn to play Kalimba

How to become the best Kalimba player

Master the basics

The first step towards greatness is the ability to learn and master the basics of anything. I love to call the basics stuff of anything as ‘the must-knows’. ‘The must-knows’ are available in different aspects-In driving, cooking, music so in Kalimba.

To become the best in Kalimba you must know

Then after mastering the basics you may now move on how you can compose your own Kalimba flavor, how you can learn any tablature, and how you can play any music on Kalimba.

Grab the best Kalimba

This is the first thing to consider once you want to become the best Kalimba player.  It’s like care racing, if you want to be better in the rally, your car must have the ability to beat the competitors, the same in Kalimba, the Kalimba you are using will determine how better you will become.

Don’t expect to be a Kalimba professional player while you are using Kalimba for beginners. If you have a problem with choosing the best Kalimba to use, you may read our Kalimba buying guide, the guide will help you in selecting the right Kalimba in terms of quality and performance.

Practise Practice Practice

Here you must note that it is not practice, it is practice practice, practice, remember the old say, practice makes perfect. The time you stop practicing it is the time you stop becoming the best.

To become the best Kalimba player you must make it your baby. Do a little something every day to get better. Practicing new notes, new songs, new playing style while observing your area that you do better and the area that you are weak.

Practice will enable you to conduct the self-assessment and see your learning trend.

Look for Feedback

I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.”- Elon Musk

Most people are sitting and wait until someone has given feedback to what he/she is doing. If you want to become better, don’t wait for feedback, ask for them.

Make sure you seek the feedback concerning your Kalimba plying skills, the feedback that will help you grow are negative ones. Don’t hate them, embrace them, and takes the necessary steps to improve.

Have your own definition of ‘best Kalimba player’

Who is the best Kalimba player is very subjective. In order to decode that you have become the best player you must set the standards for your self.  Why do you need to set the standards? The standards will enhance your focus and keep you motivated, will reduce the rate you compare yourself with other Kalimba players and it will help you to feel the best once you have archived them.

For example, you may set the standards like

  • Once I learn to play any song on 17 keys Kalimba, I’m the best.
  • Once Kalimba tone will be a feature in any popular song or movie, I’m the best


My aim was to share with you how you may become the best Kalimba player. The bottom line is, you may become the best Kalimba player by mastering the basics, using the best Kalimba, feedback, practice, and by setting the appropriate standards or becoming the best.

Hope you have enjoyed this post. Kindly share it with others to spread the knowledge.

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