Kalimba at your Mobile Phones

Play Kalimba at your Mobile Phones
Play Kalimba at your Mobile Phones

Did you know that you can also play Kalimba at you own Mobile Phones? If your Kalimba order is still in transit or You can’t bring you Kalimba but want to practice. Just fire up your mobile phones, and in an instant you can play anywhere.

Both android and IOS have Kalimba applications where in you can play on the go. The android apps have more variation than in IOS apps store. The common tuning is in C Major. You can play any songs you like, as many as you can. You need to slide the tines as well in the screen and not pressing, like normal Kalimba.


There are some of Kalimba applications are like games, wherein the are falling notes and you need to slide the correct notes before it falls though. The game let you enjoy Kalimba while practicing the Kalimba tabs itself. Since the game uses the real song tabs, it would help you memorize as well.


Some of the apps let you record your screen while playing. With this, you can capture the video and the sounds and let it be shared on social media.

Tuning App

You can also see Kalimba in apps store that have an integrated tuner. Having this functionality, you can also tune your own Kalimba in the right notes. For other tuning apps we have a list of Kalimba Tuning Apps.


To finalize we gave you some pros and cons using Kalimba at your Mobile phones.


  • You can play on the go
  • You can practice while playing
  • Free Kalimba Tabs
  • Some with integrated Tuner
  • You can record and shared on social media


  • You won’t be feeling the same on your fingers
  • The size on your phone differ with your real Kalimba
  • Tines distance is different on your real Kalimba
  • “Wah Wah” effect can’t be done

We have listed top 3 Apps based on the Mobile OS

Google Store

  1. Kalimba by 3DAMP
  2. Kalimba Real by sonOS
  3. Kalimba Connect by SENSOR NOTES

For all the list you can check it here : Android Kalimba Apps

Apple Store

  1. Kalimba Connect by  Tran Thi Bao  Nguyen
  2. Kalimba Real by Son Truong Ngoc
  3. Keylimba by David Fu

For all the list you can check it here : IOS Kalimba Apps

For questions or help with this list, kindly comment below so we can help you.