Request Kalimba Tabs

If you can’t find the Kalimba Tabs in our website, just request down below and we will look for you. We don’t guaranteed 100% to have it, but we will do our best.

Use this format for your request:

  • Title of the kalimba tabs your are using.
  • Artist who did the piece you request.
  • Brief description of your request. Like on what country, movie, series or ads you heard this.

For the meantime, keep exploring our Kalimba Tabs collection or take time to read some articles like How to tune your kalimba.


  1. Hi ,I would like to request easy tabs for the song: Pangrap ko ang Ibigin ka by Morissette. It’s really special song to me I used for my wedding in 2019 thanks so much .
    I’ll deeply appreciate it thanks so much I hope to hear from you soon

  2. hello! can you please write down the tabs from this video? the song is YOU SEE BIG GIRL from attack on titan and the one on the video is performed by Lui Yanno, i’m still a beginner and i’m having trouble identifying the tabs, please help me on this!

  3. Lakambini by Ebe Dancel, from the Philippines. A song inspired by the low-key and tragic love story of our revolutionist and heroes, Andres and Oryang. A heartfelt, hopeful, and beautiful song that transcends deep to your soul.

  4. Artist who did the piece you request – ” Conversation In The Dark ” by ” John Legend “.
    Album name – Bigger Love
    Tabs – Medium tabs
    description of your request –

    I have recently bought a kalimba and started playing it. There is a very important person in my life. His birthday is coming next month and he has a song he really likes and wants me to play for him, but that song has no kalimba Tabs anywhere. The song name is “Conversation in the Dark” by John Legend. It will mean a lot if you find teh Tabs for this song. I love this person, and want to make him feel special and happy and wantto give this song as a present for his birthday

  5. Title of the kalimba tabs your are using: Tian Ruo You Qing 天若有情 A Moment of Romance

    Artist who did the piece you request: Huang Li Ling 黄丽玲 A-Lin

    Brief description of your request. Like on what country, movie, series or ads you heard this: this is a Chinese song from Chinese movie with a title of Princess Weiyoung

    Thank you very much

  6. May I request intermediate 17 keys tabs for the song ” Love Crime” by Siouxsie Sioux?
    I first heard the song in the TV series Hannibal and this music has a little country touch which I absolutely love!