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Own Kalimba Arrangement

How to make your own Kalimba Arrangement?

You might be searching your favorite song over the internet, but somehow can't find the tabs for it? Then you think maybe you can...
How to Fix Buzzing Kalimba Tines

How to Fix buzzing Kalimba Tines

Have you heard your Kalimba suddenly buzzing on some of its key? Have you wondered how to fix it? Or you are now looking...
How to take care of Kalimba

How to take care of your Kalimba?

You might have Kalimba now, but how can you make it last long? Basically, its just how you treat properly any items you have....
How To Tune your Kalimba

How to Tune Your Kalimba?

Does your Kalimba sounds a little off? Or do you accidentally move some of your kalimba tines and the tune changed? Or you found...

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