How to take care of your Kalimba?

How to take care of Kalimba
How to take care of Kalimba

You might have Kalimba now, but how can you make it last long? Basically, its just how you treat properly any items you have. But we will give you the basic tips on how to take care of your Kalimba as a reminder.

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Always wipe off your Kalimba after use, especially if your hands gets wet easily.
  2. Store the Kalimba in your box, pouch or hard case bag every after use.
  3. Don’t expose your Kalimba into direct heat and avoid placing in humid area.
  4. Avoid liquid substances on dripping your Kalimba, if you accidentally did, wipe immediately.
  5. Only use the Kalimba hammer when tuning, it might break your kalimba tines.
  6. Don’t hit your Kalimba very hard when tuning.
  7. Don’t put anything above your kalimba, neither apply any heavy pressure on it.
  8. NEVER drop your Kalimba, it might be the end of it.
  9. Remove the Kalimba tines if your want to clean it with a WD40.
  10. If you will disassemble your kalimba, make sure to unscrew it little by little on each screw and pulling out the middle screw first.
  11. Remove all sticker residue when you decided to remove or before replacing them.
  12. If put some painting on your kalimba body, make sure to dry them well before storing.
  13. Don’t just put additional holes on your Kalimba, it might break the sounds of it.
  14. NEVER leave your Kalimba unattended with Kids.

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Ending Notes

As you can see in our list, its pretty basic on how to take care of your Kalimba. Its almost the same with your mobile phone, gaming consoles, favorite shoes or dress and any other things to is special to you. If you have been doing something on your Kalimba that are not on the list, comment it down below.