How to earn with Kalimba

how to earn with Kalimba
how to earn with kalimba

Are you a Kalimba player or you knowing something about Kalimba and you are thinking about how you can monetize your skill? The fact is with this world of globalization, you can earn with almost anything,

So if you were thinking that you may not earn with Kalimba you are 100% wrong. Maybe you did not think enough. The fact is you can make a living out of Kalimba.  Here I will show you how.

Generally, the ways you can earn through Kalimba is unlimited; there are online ways and offline ways as follows.

How you can earn with Kalimba online


There are several freelancing opportunities that you can make money with Kalimba. You can sell your Kalimba gigs/service on a different freelancing platform like Fiverr, Upwork or freelancer the service may includes

  • Do song covers-Kalimba version
  • Compose traditional soundtracks for movies and documentaries using Kalimba
  • Selling tablature


Generally, there are two ways you can use YouTube, either as a consumer or as a producer, I want you to focus on the later.

To become the producer on YouTube is simple; just open your YouTube channel and start sharing whatever skill you have as far as Kalimba is concerned.

Later you may monetize your channel and start to earn through ads or affiliate marketing.

The good news is it does not cost a lot of money to start your YouTube channel today.

Online courses

Here you may prepare different tutorials either videos or slideshow concern the particular Kalimba skill and provide it or sell it on different online platforms like Udem, skillshare, teachable, etc.


You may create a blog or website in which you will share everything you know about Kalimba.  Then you may monetize your blog and start earning through selling an info product, Advertisement, affiliate marketing, courses, etc.

Online store

By online store, I refer to an e-commerce site that will enable you to sell different Kalimba products in an online environment.  Through this, you can showcase your products and skill with the whole world and sell your products anywhere in the world.

NB: earning online needs a lot of time, effort, and dedication, if you think it is simple; you will quiet before ripping the fruits of your labor.

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Offline ways to earn through Kalimba

Open Kalimba store

Here you may consider opening a shop which will sell all Kalimba products- Kalimba tabs, books accessory, etc.

Open Kalimba Workshop

Through the workshop, you may earn through doing Kalimba Repair, maintenance, or manufacture and sell Kalimba.

Start a Kalimba class

Here you may earn fees by becoming a mentor, tutor, or Kalimba teacher. You find anyone who wants to learn Kalimba and start to give them the lessons.


Here you may go to any public place (non-restricted area) and start to play different Kalimba flavor to show off your skills, people who love them will compensate you. Be careful not to look like a beggar, be an entertainer.

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My aim here was to share with you several ways through which you may earn money through Kalimba. The bottom line is,

  • There are two ways you can earn money with Kalimba- online way and offline way
  • Online, you may earn through Freelancing, YouTube, Online courses, Blog/website, and Online store.
  • Offline, you may earn through Open Kalimba store, Open Kalimba Workshop, Start a Kalimba class and Show-off
  • All in the list is not exhausted.

Hope you find this post useful, spread the knowledge by sharing it with others.

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