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How to become the best Kalimba

How to become the best Kalimba player

Before knowing how to become the best, it is better to find why you want to become the best With a lot of Kalimba players...
Play Kalimba at your Mobile Phones

Kalimba at your Mobile Phones

Did you know that you can also play Kalimba at you own Mobile Phones? If your Kalimba order is still in transit or You...
Hugh Tracey

Hugh Tracey Journey and the Kalimba

Are you a new Kalimba player? Or been playing couple months to year now? Or just still deciding what should you buy from Different...
Buying Kalimba Guide

Buying Kalimba: What to Look for?

Buying your Kalimba is the right decision, and the fact is you must take all the necessary steps to make sure that you will...
Is it simple to learn how to play Kalimba_

Is it simple to learn how to play Kalimba?

No one was born doing anything. Our behaviors and conduct have been molded by different circumstances in our environment. Anyone can learn anything, anytime. When...
Kalimba Models Banner

Different Kalimba Models

Are you planning to buy Kalimba? But you been seeing different Kalimba Models in the market today. You also saw different styles or design...
different between Mbira and kalimba

Are Kalimba and Mbira the same? Ultimate answer

Kalimba and Mbira are very popular traditional music instruments in Africa. They have been used in several traditional functions and ceremonies- marriage ceremonies, cultural...
how to earn with Kalimba

How to earn with Kalimba

Are you a Kalimba player or you knowing something about Kalimba and you are thinking about how you can monetize your skill? The fact...
Chromatic Kalimba

Chromatic Kalimba

Have you seen Kalimba with some many extended linear tines? Or have you saw a Kalimba which have tines at the back? They are...
Parts of Kalimba

Parts of Kalimba

You might be playing Kalimba already or still thinking to buy but have you think about its parts? Maybe you already know some parts...

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