Kalimba Tuning Apps

Kalimba Tuning Apps
Kalimba Tuning Apps

You want to tune your Kalimba but doesn’t know what tuning apps is good or can be used? Are you looking for free apps over the internet and easy to use? If that so, we are here to help you and list some of the free tuning app you can use. But of course because they are free, expect some ads on it.



DaTuner can use with the Chromatic Tuning since Kalimba is not listed. This app is also useful if you have other instruments like guitar, piano, ukelele, bajo, etc. To use, it is straightforward, make it closer to kalimba and then pluck the tines that needs to be tuned. If the color turns green and the note showing on the center screen is the one you expect, then its good. If the color is yellow (too low) and orange (too high) it means you need more hammering on the tines. You can also see the HZ (Hertz) in the screen to guide you. It also offers the sharp notes (#), however it lacks the settings to tune the flat notes (♭) and available only on paid version. But if you really want to still use it for flats, you can use the sharp note of the previous note since they would be the same and be validated by the HZ  (C4# and D4b are both have 277.18Hz).

Google APK Link : DaTuner


gStrings is one of the recommended by a couple of Kalimba players. Basically you can just use the default setup (Guitar, Standard, Equal Tempered). The User Interface is quite different form DaTuner, since it has a moving needle like a speedometer. The HZ is in the center screen while the note value is above the meter gauge. There no color system in this app, you just need to make the needle hit the center with the note value above it to consider it tuned. You can do also confirmation with the Hz value of you know it. If the need is on the left side, it means it is still low. While it is high if the needle is on the right. The sharp notes also appears on the list, however same as in the DaTuner, no settings for the flats. But can also use the same scenarios with DaTuner using the sharp.

Google APK Link : gStrings


Pano Tuner

Pano Tuner claimed to be the Top Rated tuning app in the playstore. This tuner User Interface is quite different from the previous two above. It looks like a gauge as well however the needle stays in the middle while the values are the one who moves left and right. The indication if the tuning is right is when you note you needs stays on the needle and the green highlighted region appears on the screen. It also shows the HZ below the gauge UI. The major difference here is you can choose between flats and sharps to be shown while your are tuning. Unlike the other two without options or paid options only.

Google APK Link : Pano Tuner



insTuner (Instrument Tuner) is a chromatic tuner which claiming they are the best and intuitive tuner in App Store. Their User Interface (UI) is like a weighing scale. You need to hit the F in the scale and have a green value on the top of the scale to be able to confirm your tune. They also have the HZ values, and like the Pano Tuner, the flats and sharp are available on the App. Most Kalimba users that uses apple product recommend this app to be the good Kalimba tuning apps in the App Store to this day.

App Store Link : insTuner

We will be cutting short the list for now and will be adding more as we found more useful or popular Kalimba Tuning apps which players use. If you use some good apps for tuning, you can comment below and we will check it.