Is it simple to learn how to play Kalimba?

Is it simple to learn how to play Kalimba_

No one was born doing anything. Our behaviors and conduct have been molded by different circumstances in our environment. Anyone can learn anything, anytime.

When it comes to Kalimba, there are a lot of questions as to whether it is simple or hard to learn to play Kalimba. This post will enable you to find answers to that question.

Kalimba has been termed by various people as the simplest musical instrument to learn.

If you want to play the Kalimba, you need to make sure that the instrument is tuned first. Then, you can create your own melodies by playing single notes and chords. Once you get used to playing the instrument, you can learn how to play songs by reading tablature. –  wikiHow

According to me, the simple or the hardness to learn Kalimba will highly depend on the following

If You Have a Mentor

It will be very easy for you to learn Kalimba if you will have close assistance from the person who knows how to play Kalimba. It is always normal for a beginner to make a lot of mistakes. Once you have a mentor, he /she will advise and guide you on your learning journey.

If you can’t find a mentor, you can just look for different online resources where you can interact with people who know Kalimba.

Your Focus

When you are learning Kalimba you need to focus on it from the tuning to playing and reading the tablature.  The more you focus the easier it will become for you to master. At the beginning make sure you focus only on fundamentals. Don’t try to learn everything at the learning stage.

Time spent

The best way to retain your attention and focus when learning Kalimba is to schedule your learning time in short time 15-30 minutes per session, don’t try to learn it for long sessions it will diminish your focus and interests.

Review Notes

To try to put everything on your head, Kalimba consists of several steps with different aspects, writing things down will allow you to review the notes once you have forgotten something. It will also enable you to refresh your mind on spare time.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Consistency is key to learn anything faster. The more you persist the more you will archive. The fact is you can never learn Kalimba in the first lesson. You need to keep practice even when you think you have mastered it.

Show Someone Else What You Have to Learn

This will helps you to discover the areas of weakness and get feedback which will help you to enhance your skills.

NB: in your Kalimba learning processes avoid reaching the point of dissatisfaction and disinterest of what you are doing. You can avoid that by setting up milestones along the way and experiment with new learning tactics to keep from getting bored.


My aim was to share with you, whether it is simple to learn how to play Kalimba. The bottom line is learning Kalimba might be simple or hard that’s will highly depend on whether you have a mentor, Your focus and interest, Time you spend learning, Practice, etc.

NB:  Don’t focus on a simple way to lean Kalimba, Focus on a better way.

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