Wife (Laopo/ 老婆)

Laopo Kalimba Tabs

Laopo – Wife (老婆) is a song by S.H.E is a Taiwanese girl group whose members are Selina Jen, Hebe Tien, and Ella Chen.

This easy kalimba tabs was arranged by Simple Kalimba in C Standard Tuning. Watch, Listen and copy the free WIFE (LAOPO / 老婆) kalimba tabs tutorials and give us your feedback.

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Letters Notation:

E° D° G° C°B A G F C°
G° A°B°C° E° A°G°E°D°C°D° E°D°
E°E° G°D°D° G°C°C° D°E°
C° C°°C°° B°A° B°C°°G°G° E°G°
G°A°G° F°F°E° C°D° E°D°
C° C°°C°° B°D°°C°° A°G° A°B°C°°
A°B°C°° A°B°C°° B°D°° G°
E°G° D°G° E°D°E°G°
G°A°A° A°C°°A°G° A°A° C°° E°D°
E°G° D°G° E°D°E°G° E°D°G°
G°A°A° A°G°A°C°° C° E°D° C°C°

Numbers Notation:

3° 2° 5° 1°7 6 5 4 1°
5° 6°7°1° 3° 6°5°3°2°1°2° 3°2°
3°3°2°1°1° 766 71°
1°76 741°5 1°76 71°2°
3°3° 5°2°2° 5°1°1° 2°3°
1°76 71°5 1°76 72°1°
1° 1°°1°° 7°6° 7°1°°5°5° 3°5°
5°6°5° 4°4°3° 1°2° 3°2°
1° 1°°1°° 7°2°°1°° 6°5° 6°7°1°°
6°7°1°° 6°7°1°° 7°2°° 5°
3°5° 2°5° 3°2°3°5°
5°6°6° 6°1°°6°5° 6°6° 1°° 3°2°
3°5° 2°5° 3°2°3°5° 3°2°5°
5°6°6° 6°5°6°1°° 1° 3°2° 1°1°

从昨天 到今天 还有明天
Cong zuo tian dao jin tian hai you ming tian
Ever sinde yesterday, until today, and there’s still tomorrow to come

感谢老天 让你们 陪在我身边
Gan xie lao tian rang ni men pei zai wo shen bian
I thank to the Lord for letting you stay by my side

爱的心 痛的心 等待的心
Ai de xin tong de xin deng dai de xin
The feeling of love, of hurt, and of waiting

因为有你们的拥抱 我很放心
Yin wei you ni men de yong bao wo hen fang xin
Because I have your embraces, I feel so unwind

当初见面的不安 彼此探索
Dang chu jian mian de bu an bi ci tan suo
The uneasiness of our very first meeting, searching for each other

也许有点 茫然迷惑
Ye xu you dian mang ran mi huo
Maybe there’s even a little clueless confusion

朝夕相处 才发现 这世界中
Zhao xi xiang chu cai fa xian zhe shi jie zhong
From morning till evening we get along together, after then we find out in this whole world

没有人 比你们 更懂我
Mei you ren bi ni men geng dong wo
Noone understands me better than you two

朋友 姐妹 都已不够 来形容
Peng you jie mei dou yi bu gou lai xing rong
My friends, even “sisters” are not enough to explain

我们的默契骄傲 扶持与包容
Wo men de mo qi jiao ao fu chi yu bao rong
Our unspoken appreciation and pride, the way we help and forgive each other

老婆 老婆
Lao po lao po
My wife, my wife

Wo men yi qi da gou gou
We have our hands entwined together

Qing ji de yue ding de lu cheng dao yong jiu
Please remember the journey of our promise until forever
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