Bosun Bill

Bosun Bill kalimba tabs

This easy kalimba tabs was arranged by Easy Kalimba Tabs in C Major Standard Tuning. Watch, Listen and copy the free Sea of Thieves kalimba tabs tutorials and give us your feedback.

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Letters Notation:

(AA°) (E°C°) (CA°) (C°A)

E° (DF°) E° (A D°F°)

G° F° (AC°E°) (C°A) C°

(DD°) C° (AFD°) E° D°

(C°A) B (AE) A (FDB) A

B AB (E°E) D° C° B (AA°)

(E°C°) (CA°) (C°A) E° (DF°)

E° F° (C°E°G°) F° (E°E)

(C°A) C° (DD°) E° F°

(AC°E°) D° (AC°E°) A°

B° (E°C° C°°) A°

(B°D°) (E° B) (AC°E° A°)

Numbers Notation:

(66°) (3°1°) (16°) (1°6)

3° (24°) 3° (6 2°4°)

5° 4° (61°3°) (1°6) 1°

(22°) 1° (642°) 3° 2°

(1°6) 7 (63) 6 (427) 6

7 67 (3°3) 2° 1° 7 (66°)

(3°1°) (16°) (1°6) 3° (24°)

3° 4° (1°3°5°) 4° (3°3)

(1°6) 1° (22°) 3° 4°

(61°3°) 2° (61°3°) 6°

7° (3°1° 1°°) 6°

(7°2°) (3° 7) (61°3° 6°)

Bosun Bill was known throughout the port.
A truly dreadful pirate who was always getting caught.
Not one scheme for stealing could he hatch.
’cause someone would spot,
the treasure he’d got.
And Bill they’d snatch!

One day Bill awoke lying on a distant beach.
The last of his grog was just out of reach.
He groped around with trembling hands.
And stuck something in the sand!

He’d stumbled upon a part.
Of an ancient chart.
Stained and torn, the old map told.
The way to find a stash of buried gold so…

Bosun Bill, set out to find a crew.
But everyone he asked replied “I’ll never sail with you!”
‘Til at last, he plied a man with ale.
To lend him his craft, a rickety raft.
Then Bill set sail!

All by himself, Bill trembled in the dark.
He lost both his boots and hat to a shark.
He followed the chart ’til at last he saw.
The gleam of a far-off shore.

The trail led into a cave.
Silent as the grave.
Bill stood gaping at what he saw.
A hoard of treasure piled from roof to floor.

Bosun Bill stuffed treasure into his sack.
He loaded up the boat, but he heard a mighty crack.
He’d taken to much plunder when he should have kept it light.
The raft and all the gold sank out of sight.

Bosun Bill let out a terrible curse.
He’d had a chance at glory but he’d only come out worse!
To this day, he’s trapped on the island still.
Not very clever.
Worst pirate ever,
It’s Booo… Sun… Bill!
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